Argentinan empanadas

od 60 Kč za osobu
Argentinan empanadas
Argentinan empanadas

Would you like to host a party at home with your friends? Do you want to impress them with something new?

It is possible to get our amazing Argentinan empanadas. Price for each empanada is 60kc. You can choose how many. Can be delivered in cold or cooked there in our special oven. (We can produce 500 units in total).

- Criolla (ground beef)
- Humita (vegetarian)
- Cerdo (pork in black beer)
- Jamon (ham and cheese)
- Arrabaleras (caramelized onion and cheese)

Počet hostů
25 - 150 hostů
Hola! Domaci Paella decided to bring you the best of the spanish cuisine!

We are food-lovers who enjoy cooking and sharing the traditions from our culture and we describe ourselves as a "Friendly and informal catering".
Rather than fancy plates and couverts we focus on food and autentic recipes.

What does our ca... více v profilu

Argentinan empanadas

od 60 Kč za osobu
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