Party at home Spanish Paella
Would you like to host a party at home with your friends? Do you want to impress themwith something new?
This service will make this possible, enjoy having a glass of wine with them, while Spanish chef Miguel cook traditional Spanish Paella in front of you.
The only thing required is a 2x2 espace where I can put my table and pan for cooking.
No more people working on this, just Miguel cooking.
Spanish Paella  (40 portions 350g). You can choose 2 variations of maximum 20 portions each.
- Seafood (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with seafood)
- Valenciana (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with chicken and rabbit)
- Vegetarian (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices, is also vegan)
- Con costillejas (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with pork ribs)

Poptávka nabídky Party at home Spanish Paella bude odeslána cateringu Domácí Paella - La Paisanita, který vám do 2 dnů odpoví.

Hola! Domaci Paella and La Paisanita decided to combine their menu to bring you the best of the spanish and argentinian cuisines!
Our goal is to provide a menu that points out the similarities and differences of these two hispanic cuisines.
We are food-lovers who enjoy cooking and sharing the traditions from our cultures and we&nbs... více v profilu

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