Spanish - Argentinan service

Contact us and let us know about your preferences, we will agree on a customized menu for you. It can be only Spanish, only Argentinan or mix.
Another dishes can be prepared upon request.

Soup (We can produce maximum 100 portions)
- Salmorejo (spansih cream based on tomato, bread, olive oil and garlic)
- Gazpacho (spanish soup based on tomato and veggies)

Empanadas argentinas (We can produce 500 units in total).
- Criolla (ground beef)
- Humita (vegetarian)
- Cerdo (pork in black beer)
- Jamon (ham and cheese)
- Arrabaleras (caramelized onion and cheese)

Spanish Paella  (40 portions 350g cooked at once or 80 degustation portions 200g). Next serving would take 90 minutes to get ready. Paella is gluten free!
- Seafood (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with seafood)
- Valenciana (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with chicken and rabbit)
- Vegetarian (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices, is also vegan)
- Con costillejas (rice, vegetable, saffran and spices with pork ribs)

Dessert traditional argentinan (We can produce maximum 100 units)
- Masamorra (white corn with milk flamoured with cinnamon and lemon).
- Pancakes with argentinan "Dulce de leche".



Poptávka nabídky Spanish - Argentinan service bude odeslána cateringu Domaci Paella - La Paisanita (Spanelsko - Argentinské), který vám do 2 dnů odpoví.

Hola! Domaci Paella and La Paisanita decided to combine their menu to bring you the best of the spanish and argentinian cuisines!
Our goal is to provide a menu that points out the similarities and differences of these two hispanic cuisines.
We are food-lovers who enjoy cooking and sharing the traditions from our cultures and we&nbs... více v profilu

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